What do you love about weddings?

My favorite thing about a weddings is the way the bride looks when she is all ready, in her finest with the flowers and finishing touches. The moment the groom sees her that way for the first time is also my favorite. I love making the bride that little bit more beautiful with the flowers.

Advice for the wedding day…

Word of advice for the wedding day-Hana always brings the perfect weather for the perfect moment,so just go with it. The pictures will be amazing!

What does Hana mean to you?

Hana means-Work (literally) and you have to work hard to live here. Abundant in flowers, food, sun, ocean and fresh air, a magical paradise. Hana teaches you so many things, respect for the Aina and the people. I feel so lucky to have Hana as my home, to live my life with my family and friends in the most beautiful surroundings I have ever been.