Please read a sample of His Beautiful words


Onaona i ka hala me ka lehua

He hale lehua no ia na ka noe

O ka`u no ia e `ano`i nei

E lia`a nei ho`i o ka hiki mai

A hiki mai no `oe

Hiki pu no me ke aloha

Aloha e, aloha e


Fragrant with the breath of the Hala and lehua

This is the sight you long to see

Of this, my present favor

Your arrival fills me with eagerness

Now that you have come

Loves comes with you



I know (Male) and (Female) are without words to express their gratitude and happiness to have everyone here for them at this time….at this place….to share what will be one of their most precious and memorable moment in their lives. You all will be witness to the beginning of their union and take part in their celebration. Enjoy this time with each other and hopefully the spirit of aloha will be taken back with you to be nurtured and shared with others of this joining set here amongst family and friends.

Aloha and welcome to Hana, Hawaii.


(Male) and (Female)

We are gathered here today to celebrate this day that you have chosen to sustain your love for each other w/ spoken words and with sharing of symbols.

On this day you will continue to embrace the love and commitment, values that one will need for a happy and long lasting union.


Love is knowing that you have found a soul that feels familiar, one that feels comfortable and one that feels safe to be around. Love is practicing all the things that requires patience and forgiveness

Love is a response to values, values one searches for in another. It’s with a person’s sense of life that one falls in love. Thou one falls in love with the embodiment of the values that forms a person’s character, it’s reflected in one’s goals and gestures which creates the style of one’s soul. It’s one’s own sense of life that response as the selector and to what it recognizes as one’s own basic values in a soul of another. But love is so much more.