Alana Ross, the Aloha Girl

Alana brings to the Hana Wedding Co. years of experience gained from planning weddings and events at the Hotel Hana Maui. Alana’s easy going personality, her strong work ethic, attention to detail, and true Aloha spirit are the perfect ingredients to make your wedding a success. When not helping plan your wedding, you can find Alana in the surf, or tending to her family’s land here in Hana.  For a view of Alana’s keen eye and happy couples, look here and to learn more about her keep reading:

What’s your favorite thing about weddings?

My favorite thing about weddings is being in the business of “love”. When two people enter this union it is very rewarding to witness the exchange of energy taking place between the couples. I often find it difficult to hold back the tears when the love is flowing as I witness this special joy. I also love being able to assist couples in achieving their dream day in a stress free way. Planning weddings can take the fun out of the experience for many and being able to take on all of the details so the couples can truly enjoy the beauty of Hana is especially rewarding for me. .

Word of advice for the wedding day?

 Above all, remember this is your special day. If you have guests present, keep in mind that they are here to witness what you have chosen to share with them. Try not to get caught up in making sure everyone is happy, or dealing with family drama. This is the one day where it can be all about you so take advantage of that. Don’t take on any extra work or commitments. Let the coordinator handle everything possible so you can just relax and enjoy yourselves. Be sure to eat a good breakfast and bring water with you to the ceremony and photo shoot. Wear flat shoes when possible, practice lingering your kisses so the photographer can capture the moments and most of all, have fun!

What does Hana mean to you?

When I first moved to Hana, someone called for an interview and asked me what “Hana” means. I answered,  “I think Hana, means Heaven”. Later I found out that it literally means “Work”. “Pau Hana” in Hawaiian means “done with work”, I guess after work, you come to Hana to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the busy world. It is here where time forgot to move, but the trees, the ocean, the waterfalls, rainbows, dolphins, whales, flowers, fruit, rivers and wildlife still hustle about in a kaleidoscope of of unspoiled beautiful landscapes and backdrops. Hana is where the people of Maui come to vacation and there is a reason why. The only way to truly know is to experience if for yourself. To me Hana, still means “Heaven”, or “Paradise on Earth”.


Andrea Rodriguez, It’s all in the Details

Andrea has been designing successful events for years with the motto of “Make Life Beautiful”. This outlook drives her desire to plan an impeccable wedding for you. Whether a large or small affair, Andrea sees to it that your personal style is reflected on your special day. In her time away from tending to her clients, Andrea spends her days exploring Maui with her love, learning instruments and creating beautiful things for herself to enjoy.  Take a peek at Andrea’s eye for detail, here and to find out a little more, keep on scrolling:

What do you love about weddings?

I love seeing two people so committed to each other declare it to the world.  I love seeing their friends and family there to support them and have a good time. To bring happiness to others is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever known. And I love, love, love the details! I’ve never met a table I couldn’t set!

Advice for the wedding day?

Relax, breathe and focus on each other, you’ve come to one of the most gorgeous spots on earth to marry your love, enjoy it! Don’t forget to take in the sights of the beauty surrounding you, smell the clean ocean air as the breeze hits your face, listen to the laughter of the locals and your guests that have come all this way to celebrate your love.  Leave all of the planning and stress to us!

What does Hana mean to you?

Hana means many things to me. But most of all its about the journey I’ve taken to get here and the one I continue on, to stay. It is the most magical and welcoming place that I have ever lived, filled with so much beauty and aloha, I feel blessed to call it home.